October 22, 2014

Meet The Wise Guys

“The Oracle” Nate Brown

A graduate of Cornell University’s Hotel School, Nate manages the business aspects of PairWise, including marketing initiatives, partnerships and overall strategy. Nate cut his teeth on beer while living in Prague in the mid-90’s, which led to a complete rejection of American commercial beer. His love affair with food and beer is torrid, as evidenced by his sizable mid-section.

Nate’s favorite Pairing: Gambrinus with smažený sýr (fried cheese).


“The Sage” Jim Brooks

An avid home brewer, Jim was originally introduced to the world of pairing after reading Garrett Oliver’s amazing book, “The Brewmaster’s Table”. Jim brings his Stanford computer science degree and years of Silicon Valley experience to the PairWise table.

“The Diviner” Dan Hamel

A game industry vet, Dan is a contributor to the PairWise tech.

“The Soothsayer” Bernie Rissmiller

A savvy entrepreneur, Mr. Rissmiller’s actions are a complete mystery to most, and prefers to keep it that way.